Digital Gratitude Journal, 100+ Journal Prompts, Mindfulness Journal, Self Care Planner, Therapy Wellness Journal, Google Sheets Template


Designed to be ‘Simple but Powerful’, this Gratitude Journal Google Sheets Template uses a simple “Plant A Tree” concept to motivate users of all ages to get into the habit of practising daily gratitude journaling in a fun, easy and unique way. Watch as your sapling 🌱 grows to a tree🌳 as you add more and more journal entries. It is simple to use and it comes with many useful features! Type in your daily journal entries with the help of 100+ journal prompts and daily affirmations.

Simple but Powerful
✏️ 100+ Daily gratitude journal prompts (automatically changes each day)
✏️ Daily affirmations prompts (randomly shown to you each day)
✏️ Calculates day streaks – Perfect for practising 15 or 30 Days Gratitude Challenge
✏️ Plant trees as you cultivate your journal writing habit each day 🌱
✏️ Can serve as a mindfulness journal, self care planner, wellness journal, therapy journal, anxiety journal and self love journal because this Google Sheets template trains you to be more mindful of your day and appreciate the things around you with guided journal prompts.
✏️ Includes a pie chart that summarize the things that you are grateful for
✏️ Color code your journal with tags
✏️ Level up your journaling by adding pictures! πŸ–ΌοΈ
✏️ Gratitude Board – An intuitive way of viewing your reflection journal entries.
✏️ Easily apply filter to your board to stay organized
✏️ Customize your digital gratitude journal – set your own custom journal prompts and affirmation prompts
✏️ Personalize your gratitude planner – Change font style and colors to decorate your journal to make it your very own.
✏️ No limit to how much you write – Add extra rows if needed.

πŸ“ 1 Google Sheet Template with 5 tabs
– 1 tab for Gratitude Journal
– 1 tab for Monthly Gratitude Board (Duplicate 1 for each month)
– 1 tab for Daily Affirmations
– 1 tab for Summary
– 1 tab for Labels and Colors Customization

βœ”οΈ This spreadsheet is specifically designed for Google Sheets
βœ”οΈ Works on a Mac & PC with a web browser
βœ”οΈ Works on iPhone, iPad, Tablet and any smart phones with the free Google Sheets App
❌ Does NOT works on Excel
❌ Does NOT works on GoodNotes or other PDF annotation app

βœ”οΈ A free Gmail account, to access Google Sheets

βœ”οΈ A PDF which contains instructions & link to the Google Sheets File.


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