To Do List Template, Google Sheets Spreadsheet, Daily To Do, Digital, Checklist Template, Editable, Custom Todo List, Bucket List Template


🌱 Plant Trees As You Complete Your To-Dos
Designed to be beautiful, simple and packed with useful stats, this Digital To Do List Template for Google Sheets uses a simple Tree Planting concept to motivate users to get more done in a fun and unique way. Watch as your little sapling 🌱 grows to a tree🌳 as you check off your tasks. As you complete more tasks, more saplings will grow!

🌱 Stay organized and manage your daily to do tasks with our fully customizable todo list template. Use it as a daily checklist template, bucket list template or daily to do list for work, home or create grocery list, packing list as well as writing down reminders to improve your productivity and focus on what matters. 🌱 Highly editable to do list: feel free to set your custom tags, priority labels, status labels and its corresponding colors to make it your very own custom to do list. 🌱 Color code your priority labels and tags in this digital checklist template / bucket list template : useful for differentiating your tasks, which compliments the sort & filter feature.

✏️ 1 Google Sheet Template with 4 tabs
– 1 tab for To Do List
– 1 tab for Calendar View
– 1 tab for Weekly Schedule View (Duplicate as many as you like)
– 1 tab for Label & Colors Customization

βœ”οΈ This spreadsheet is specifically designed for Google Sheets
βœ”οΈ Works on a Mac & PC with a web browser
βœ”οΈ Works on iPhone, iPad, Tablet and any smart phones with the free Google Sheets App
❌ Does NOT works on Excel
βœ”οΈ Instant Download (Digital Download)

✏️ Task Priority Bar Graph – automatically groups tasks by priority as you add them.
✏️ Task Status Bar – view the change in percentage of each status as you update your tasks from “To Do” > “In Progress” > “Done” or “Cancelled”.
✏️ Overdue Task Counter – view the number of overdue tasks. Overdue tasks will be highlighted red in the list.
✏️ Overall Progress Bar (Circular) – to track your progress.
✏️ Automatically calculates the days left for each task
✏️ Colors – color code your tasks with tags
✏️ Sort & Filter feature – organize tasks by their tags, priority, status, person in charge and even its title, the sorted order will be reflected on all views.
✏️ Fully customizable tags and colors – to make this to do list template your very own.
✏️ Easily add and delete rows within the table
✏️ Colorful Minimalist Theme

✏️ Highly customizable – set your start date for the calendar (Start your month on a Monday or Sunday, it’s up to you!)
✏️ Tasks will expand across the calendar from the start date to end date (Turn off this feature if not needed)
✏️ Filter your calendar by Tags or Priority
✏️ Add more rows if needed

✏️ Duplicate as many as you want for each week
✏️ View your tasks in a daily view
✏️ Set schedule for your tasks
✏️ View upcoming tasks for the day (customizable display labels)
✏️ View your progress for each day (A plant will grow each day!)


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